Hire Nick Field As Your Next Actor Voiceover Presenter .

I am a British actor, voiceover and presenter based in East London, but available to work anywhere in the world. My voice (and the rest of me) have appeared across television, radio, online and gaming for over 20 years.

Down-to-earth, friendly and always ready to give 100% to any team I work with, you can learn all about the hundreds of characters, clients and organisations that I've been part of and how I can bring my all to your next big project.


Work With Nick As Your Next Voiceover.

With my natural British RP accent, mixed with a hint of East London/Essex, I deliver an approachable and yet authoritative read that gets people listening.

While I mainly specialise in Commercials, Corporates and E-Learning; I am also available for character work in animation, video games and audiobook narrations.

Take a listen to all of my voice reels and see why my clients trust me to speak on their behalf to their audiences around the world.
Commercial Reel
  • "CommercialAndCharity_Reel_Upda". Released: 2023. Track 1.
Corporate Reel
  • "Corporate_Reel_1". Released: 2023. Track 1.
Telephony Reel
  • "Nick Field VO Telephony & IVR Reel".
Documentary Reel
  • "Documentary_Reel". Released: 2023. Track 1.
TV Promo Reel
  • "Continuity_Reel". Released: 2023. Track 1.
TV Continuity
  • "Continuity_Reel". Released: 2023. Track 1.




See More Of Nick's Talent On-Screen.

The demos available here are just the beginning of the range that I can bring to your on-screen project.

I have worked as a presenter and actor for over 20 years, starring in everything you can imagine; from presenting live wrestling matches, hosting music documentaries, revelling in darkly dramatic roles and improvising in sketch comedy.

Take a look through my decades of on-screen performances and see how I can take the characters locked in your imagination, and finally bring them out into the real world.
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Read One Of My Blogs

My blogs are where I give my personal insights into all of my work and life in general, so if you want to learn more about the character beneath all those other characters, then head to one of my blogs to discover more.

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