Meet Nick

I tell people's stories.
I also create my own story.

While I was growing up people used to constantly tell me that I had a voice made for radio (thankfully they never told me I also had a face for it too).

I always put that down to two things. The first was being brought up speaking the Queen’s English, which has always been very useful for disappearing into characters. People are always shocked to find out I’m from Romford, so that’s a good start.

The second was probably the amount of time I spent listening to the late night shows on Radio One to discover new music, because I come from well before the days of YouTube and Spotify.

The DJs felt like friends sharing their latest musical discoveries, and over time I’ve come to realise just how much of an impact they had on the teenage me, right down to the way they spoke.

My goal is to bring that same enthusiasm and impact to my viewers wherever they see or hear me. And who knows, one day someone might even mention how I inspired their out of place RP accent on their “about me” page too.

My Story

I can only ever be as diverse as my own experiences allow me to be. That's why I'm always fascinated with travelling and evolving, so I can give more depth to the characters I inhabit and the work I can offer.

While my life didn't start in the 90s, that was when my creative journey properly did. When I first got to college is when I put myself out there creatively, initially writing articles for my college newspaper. By the time the millenium rolled around, I was an early adopter of blogging and in 2006 I jumped on the podcast bandwagon to produce my first podcast for Phoenix FM, a station based in Essex.

It's crazy to think that's still going and you can go back and hear every episode that I've ever made (and am still making)!

By 2012 I’d made the full leap to radio, presenting breakfast shows, drivetime shows, interviewing numerous bands and public figures. I even began doing live reporting for local events and hosting my own music gigs, which was a dream come true for a music fan.

But I knew I had to keep evolving. My creative journey was far from over.

Around that time I began looking into how I could diversify my media work. I started small, compering events hosted by my longtime collaborator Phoenix FM, just as a way to build my confidence and really find my voice.

The compliments that I’d received about my voice throughout my life were finally being put into action. I was now able to harness that talent and found my natural ability to project my voice to engage an audience. It was around then that I began finding commercial clients and started securing e-learning work (which I was getting extra training for due to me also working as a teacher at the time).

In 2015, armed with my first voice demo, I discovered the world of voiceover. In the same way that I enjoyed giving new bands their first shot at radio and helping them reach a new audience, now I was doing the same with companies and organisations from around the world.

Playing a crucial part in people’s lives that helps them to evolve is the highlight of what I do.

On the subject of evolving, I continued to do the same. I became more confident with my identity as a an actor and through hundreds of short films and sketches, I slowly transitioned over to feature films and TV shows.

In my creative career, I’ve worked with some of the most fascinating and encouraging people and been a part of some truly remarkable stories, along with the journeys that go with them.

And even up to 2023, my own journey hasn’t stopped. I finally got the nerve to enter the world of stand-up comedy, made my debut as a performer on the stage. I have done several comedy shows across London since then, and am very excited about where this new venture may take me.

Embracing new possibilities and developing as a person is what being a performer is all about, and it’s fascinating to uncover what the next chapter holds. It’s been quite a journey so far, and one you’re more than welcome to join me on!

Creativity Has No End Goal...

...I've always had to remind myself of that. Everything in life is a journey and not a destination.

After every project wraps and after every team of amazing people goes their seperate ways, I'm always impatient for the next step of my creative journey to get started.

Voiceover Is More Than Just Speaking...

...Voiceover is about bringing clarity, enthusiasm and confidence to the words, and helping clients to move forward and reach new audiences.

I've helped over 150 start-ups, SMEs, charities and household names achieve just that. Whatever you have to shout about, let's shout about it together!

There's No Feeling Like Being On Set...

...It's the excitement of waiting to begin that journey to another world. It's such a unique experience to directly experience the story you'll be telling along the way.

I've seen warehouses, kitchens, basements, living rooms and office blocks become the basis of some of the most incredible stories that I've ever seen.

Bringing Out Your Confidence Is Key...

When I first started hosting a weekly music show on Phoenix FM back in 2007, I instantly felt at home behind the mic.

A presenter who loves what they do can bring out the confidence in you, your message, your products and your brand. Whatever you've got to show, let's show it with confidence!

My Voiceover Work

If you’re looking for an International English Voiceover who can spread your message around the globe, then it sounds like you’re in the right place!

Some of my more famous collaborators have been Sony Xperia, Trustpilot and 7Up, so you’re in good company when you trust me to speak on your behalf.

Click the button to listen to all of my voice reels, and if you need something really specific, then you can always get in touch with me about a custom audition.

My On-Screen Acting

With over 20 years of experience in the bag, I have a huge amount of versatility as a presenter and actor across radio, television, commercials, internet and gaming.

Drama, comedy, tragedy and corporate educational videos – there isn’t a genre or style of on-screen work that I haven’t done.

I’m always eager to get onto a new set, so check out my on-screen work page or Spotlight Profile to see what I can bring to your next project.

Send Me A Message

Whether you’re looking for a voiceover, presenter or an actor; feel free to get in touch anytime.

Let me know what you have to shout about, and let’s shout about it together!