Nick In A Field – Where It All Began

Welcome to my first blog! In my late teens & early twenties I used to blog a lot, mainly about gigs I went to and how much I disliked the current top 10 singles. And here we are, a full 20 years on from starting my first blog & website, that will hopefully make my 19-year-old self proud.

Here I’ll be sharing some advice about making progress in the acting and voiceover worlds, from both my own experiences and some of the best advice I’ve heard straight from the experts and professionals of the industries. I’ll also be sharing some of my previous acting & voiceover work as well, highlighting just how random those industries we love can be!

To begin, here’s my first ever bit of work as an extra – I’d answered an ad on StarNow for a group of people to come to a field near Wanstead station, bringing our own sunglasses and large headphones. Our job? To lie down and make slightly exaggerated facial expressions, which would be shown inbetween lots of other footage the director, Kadeem, had filmed (which we were meant to be imagining).

…And with that – a sunny morning lying down in a field – my journey into acting began. Here it is for you all.


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