I have a voice that can speak to the world.
Let me be that voice for you.

If you’re looking for an International English Voiceover who can spread your message around the globe, then it sounds like you’re in the right place!

I specialise in voiceover for Corporate, Commercials and Educational Narration across the Technical & Medical fields; effortlessly connecting with audiences who are both native English speakers and international ESOL.

Some of my more famous collaborators have been Sony Xperia, Trustpilot and 7Up, so you’re in good company when you trust me to speak on your behalf. Take a scroll down and listen to all of my voice reels, and if you need something really specific, then get in touch with me about a custom audition.

A British Male Voice That Speaks To A Global Audience

My naturally RP accent (the Queen’s English if you like) is perfectly accessible for an International English Audience, making me the perfect voice if you’re looking to hire a voiceover for ESOL speakers.

Each of my demos show different aspects of my down-to-earth, friendly and conversational style that is engaging for audiences across the world as my global client list shows.

Commercial Reel
  • "CommercialAndCharity_Reel_Upda". Released: 2023. Track 1.
Corporate Reel
  • "Corporate_Reel_1". Released: 2023. Track 1.
Telephony Reel
  • "Nick Field VO Telephony & IVR Reel".
Documentary Reel
  • "Documentary_Reel". Released: 2023. Track 1.
TV Promo Reel
  • "Continuity_Reel". Released: 2023. Track 1.
TV Continuity
  • "Continuity_Reel". Released: 2023. Track 1.

Did You Love My Voice?
Then Wait Until You See My Studio!

Booking a studio and all the costs that come with it are one of the biggest obstacles to hiring a voiceover.
So to allieviate that, I’ve built my very own recording studio that you get whenever you hire me. My studio is built to a commercial-grade standard and because it’s mine, there’s no waiting around for studio time. When you need your voice recordings done, that’s when they get done!
Here’s everything that my studio offers when you book me as your next voiceover.

Need Me To Work With Your Team?

While most of my work is self directed, I’m more than happy to collaborate with your team if you want to be fully involved in the process.

Just let me know if you have a director already, or simply want to be at the recording session, and I can arrange for you to be livestreamed into my booth to capture exactly what you need.

Send Me A Message

Whether you’re looking for a voiceover, presenter or an actor; feel free to get in touch anytime.

Let me know what you have to shout about, and let’s shout about it together!